Q: Not all of my samples are correct but I need to shoot soon to make my deadlines, is this a problem?

A: It totally depends on what the final design tweaks are, most issues are fixable in post as long as you either have a detailed description, a colour swatch or even the CAD drawing, we will do our best to get your product looking like your final product.

Q: I have had some e-com images done before and I’d like to match the background colour exactly. Is this possible?

A: It’s never going to be exactly the same, unless we cut everything out and even then it really depends on what kind of background you were wanting to replicate. We can try and get it close but many factors impact on getting it totally accurate. It might be worth considering why you want to keep the consistency and would a slight change in colour background be detrimental, if not then this might not be a problem.

Q: I only have a hand full of products that I need shooting for e-com, does this mean I have to book a full day?

A: Our minimum booking is for a half day (4 hours) we do this because we set up the set, lights and camera each time for a shoot and that usually takes an hour at the start of each shoot. What we would recommend to maximise the time is maybe shooting the product images first and then using the remainder of the time for some creative images, extra content always comes in handy.

Q: I don't want my e-com images to look like everyone else's, I’d like something a little more creative. What's the best way to go about this?

A: We get asked this a lot - wanting your brand to stand out, fit with your identity and show the products off to their best to potential customers. We would usually recommend showing us lots of references, telling us why you like certain images and not others. We can then work up some direction options for you and select a photographer that best suits what you’re trying to achieve.