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Full Service Photography Studio in Manchester

full service photography studio, manchester.

Shoot. retouch. live


When we say full service, we mean we offer every element of the process needed to produce your imagery - and you only pay for the bits you need.



Model E-commerce Photoshoot

We believe that your model based ecom images should be the strongest on your site. They can make or break a sale and because of that we also believe that ecom images shouldn't look our of place on your social feeds, emails or anywhere else you would like to use the imagery.


E-commerce Product Imagery

Watches, accessories, jewellery, bags, hats, trainers, shoes, coats, t-shirts - you name it we have probably shot it. Whether you would like them on a totally white background, off-white, grey or a particular shade of pink - we can make your vision a reality.


Flat Lay Product Imagery

Flat lays can have a multiple uses and whatever reason you need them for - press images, magazine call-ins, selling shots to support model images, window displays or just extra content for your social feeds - we can help.


Creative Product Still Life Imagery

Our in-house team have years of experience creating super cool and creative imagery. Whatever your vision, our art director or photographers can work alongside you to bring it to life. And if you don't have the idea quite nailed down and would like to talk to someone about working on the direction, please head over to Crème Creative.


All other Services


Image Retouching


Image Clipping


Set Building




Crème Studios is part of the Crème Creative group and was set up to produce a fast and affordable studio service to brands and agencies that are looking for e-commerce or creative studio based photography and content. Crème Creative was founded by Katie & Emma Nattrass-Daniels with affordable quality at the heart of everything they do.

Hiring a studio for a shoot along with all other elements can quickly make studio shoots super expensive. We have built those costs into our fees so there are no hidden extras when you plan your e-com shoot.


behind the scenes

Every shoot that you guys do, it’s like opening a Christmas present.
— Creative Director, 883 Police